Mixed Media :: Koleen Estrada

Posted on April 15 2019

Sometimes during a shoot I may have a few different cameras on me. One for black and white, one for color, one medium format and one 35mm, etc. I just like to experiment with different mediums and look through the results later. 

This was exactly the case while out in Miami shooting with Koleen Estrada.  Since I had brought a few different cameras out with me (digital and film) I thought it would be fun to put them all to use. Some renderings came out different than others but in the end they were all able to be assembled to make a photo set of the images I made with her. 

Some were made with my M10-P, some were made with my M-P with some portra 400 and some 400 bw cn along with my Fuji GW645 and some portra as well. Hope you enjoy the shots! 

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