• Mixed Media :: Koleen Estrada

    Posted on April 15 2019

    Sometimes during a shoot I may have a few different cameras on me. One for black and white, one for color, one medium format and one 35mm, etc. I just...

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  • Vintage Vibes :: Lyssa Roberts

    Posted on April 03 2019

    I recently had a chance to create a photo set with Lyssa Roberts that was a bit out of my normally presentation. Being a fan of styling from the 1960's...

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  • Monochromatic :: Natalya

    Posted on March 28 2019

    I love making use of the most minimalist settings for shoots. Stripping a room completely leaves only what is directly in front of you. So while Natalya and I were...

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  • In between Moments :: Linda Zhao

    Posted on March 25 2019

    One of the most important rules in photography I believe is never put your camera down. And this is not for any particular subject matter. If you are paying attention...

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  • Pretty in Pink :: Gianna Dior

    Posted on March 06 2019

    As the weather continues to gift California with an abnormally amount of rain this season it is making me stay indoors and be more proactive about sharing some more photo...

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  • Different Approach :: Lyssa Roberts

    Posted on February 22 2019

    Once you develop a creative process it is very easily to get stuck in your ways. Especially when you feel you have achieved results that you are happy with time...

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  • ATL Aerials

    Posted on February 04 2019

    With the recent Super Bowl event that just went down in Atlanta and all of the news coverage of the city it got me inspired to finally dig into my...

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  • Depth of Feel :: Samantha

    Posted on January 16 2019

    Keeping up with my last model post with Claire I came upon another set I had made with my pal Samantha while in N.Y. that made use of the artificial...

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  • Moments in Minnesota :: Claire Woods

    Posted on January 11 2019

    The end of the week is finally upon us. With keeping the spirit of making the most of 2019 I have been skimming through my library and seeing what is...

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  • Photo Essay :: Monochrom in K Town

    Posted on January 09 2019

    One of the most interesting things about photography is taking the time to look at your photographs and being able to contextualize them. Seeing what was catching your eye and...

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  • Soft Light :: Azalia Lexi

    Posted on January 03 2019

    Being so caught up in making photos and pushing them out via social media platforms faster than you made them can weigh you down. You will often find yourself chasing...

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  • Catching Up :: South Beach Helicopters

    Posted on January 02 2019

    Well 2019 is finally here and I hope all of you had a great new years eve! I think we have a lot to look forward to this year within...

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  • Female Form :: Gianna

    Posted on December 12 2018

    When you mix some strong light with an interesting shadow pattern and a model who is comfortable in her own skin you get a moment to document the human form...

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  • Monochrome with Monica Alvarez

    Posted on November 02 2018

    I am feeling a little monochromatic today. Sometimes I can embrace the vibrant colors of the day and some days I prefer to see things in black and white. Which...

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  • 800t :: Gianna Dior

    Posted on October 26 2018

    I have been sitting on the follow set of images for a bit now. Gianna Dior's agent had contacted me a couple of months back about shooting with her. He...

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  • Lady in Red :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on October 22 2018

    With summer just ending recently I wanted to share some fun images I got to make with Monica Alvarez on a recent trip she took to L.A. just before one...

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  • Simple Setting :: Danny Dev

    Posted on October 16 2018

    It had been a couple of years since I last got to shoot with Danny Dev. She and I had kept in touch over the years seeing where life had...

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  • Experimenting :: Linda Zhao

    Posted on October 02 2018

    Sometimes you may get in a routine of creating in a way you are comfortable with. Wether it be by force of habit or the enjoyment of constant praise from...

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  • Unseen :: Jenny

    Posted on September 18 2018

    Continuing to discover some works that I have made with some talented people that for one reason or another I never got around to sharing. Such as the set featured...

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  • Classic :: Natalya

    Posted on August 31 2018

    This post is a fun one. I decided to mix a few mediums together to create this set from when I shot with Natalya. The photos below are a mixture...

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  • Passing Through :: Dameisha Beach, China

    Posted on August 28 2018

    Decided to create another Passing Through segment. This was a trip to China with Pete Halvorsen. We had decided to take a break from the urban perspective of Shenzhen, China and...

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  • Picture This :: 8.28.18

    Posted on August 28 2018

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  • Soft Light :: Rina Toeda

    Posted on August 24 2018

    Sometimes a good opportunity for a photoshoot comes when you least expect it. Like last month when I got contacted by my buddy Andrew about his model friend Rina Toeda...

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  • Picture This :: 8.23.18

    Posted on August 23 2018

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  • Picture This :: 8.20.18

    Posted on August 20 2018

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  • Settings :: Nicolette Smith

    Posted on August 15 2018

    Catching up on some photo sets I made over the past year. This is one from my shoot with Nicolette Smith while out in Miami. Being the final and third...

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  • Guessing with Linda Zhao

    Posted on July 30 2018

    I love the constant exploration of photography. To me it is art form that can grow with the individual. Which is why you see me delving into different types of...

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  • CineStill x Slayer

    Posted on July 30 2018

    I have been playing catch up over the past few months with my scanning. Between re-scanning my film catalogue from a decade plus as well as new stuff it has...

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  • Pretty in Pink :: Natalya

    Posted on July 05 2018

    L.A. is going to be feeling plenty hot this weekend with an expected heatwave. Thinking of the sun warming me up made me come back to this set I created...

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  • Tonight Tonight :: Smashing Pumpkins live at the Troubadour

    Posted on July 03 2018

    Sometimes you get those messages that unexpectedly pop up in your inbox that you can't help but get excited as you read them. Last week I received one in regards...

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  • New Work :: Natalya

    Posted on May 04 2018

    I am back again this week with some more new work. This time I wanted to showcase a photoset I made with a Natalya. A few people that we mutually...

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  • New Work :: Azalia Lexi

    Posted on April 23 2018

    The hustle and bustle of life can sometimes change up your work flow. Not to say I have been shooting any less, it is just that I find the process...

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  • Comfy with Kellz

    Posted on March 27 2018

    What is up everyone? I hope you are all doing well. I myself am playing catch up over here at the V/SUAL HQ. I have been itching to get around...

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  • N.Y.C. with Samantha

    Posted on March 07 2018

    Whenever I get a chance to go back to NYC my schedule can usually be pretty hectic. Between shooting, catching up with family/friends and just exploring the city my days...

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  • Monochromatic Moments :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on February 09 2018

    I hope everyone is having a good Friday. Being it is the end of most people's work week I figured it was a good idea to wrap things up with...

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  • Passing Through :: Shenzhen

    Posted on February 07 2018

    A few months back I was invited on a trip to China via Huawei. They extended an offer to myself, fellow photographer Pete Halvorsen as well as some tech journalist to...

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  • Winter in N.Y.

    Posted on February 05 2018

    Winter can be a special time of year to most. Holidays aside and despite some harsh cold weather the settings that can be created with some snow tend to be...

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  • Friday Photo Set :: Charlotte McKee

    Posted on January 19 2018

    Happy Friday everyone! Going to keep this short and sweet today with a photo set I made while in N.Y. with Charlotte McKee. I believe this was the last set...

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  • In Color :: Emily Sears

    Posted on December 29 2017

    Sometimes when making photos with a model I can either be drawn to a monochromatic feel or color. All depends on the elements involved. A few months back when I...

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  • Flash Back :: Softest Hard

    Posted on December 27 2017

    Sometimes when you push yourself into a high volume of shooting it is easy to get distracted in the process and not go through everything you had shot. This has...

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  • Sleepless Nights :: Venice

    Posted on December 11 2017

    With Daylight savings recently ending my sleeping schedule has totally gone to shit. I know I can be a bit of an early bird, normally getting up between 5 and...

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  • One Piece :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on October 30 2017

    I have been taking the time to look through some shoots for some upcoming posts. While it is good to take your time and let photos marinate before processing there...

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  • In Color :: Charlotte Mckee

    Posted on October 18 2017

    These days while my focus continues to remain pretty heavy on making photos in black and white there are times where working in color calls to me. Such a time...

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  • Exterior Settings :: Nicolette Smith

    Posted on October 09 2017

    Whenever I have the opportunity to work with a model (especially when I am out of town) I try to take notes of some surrounding exterior settings to use for...

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  • Monochromatic Captures :: Alana Paolucci

    Posted on October 03 2017

    After a lengthy trip abroad I am putting in some time catching up on some photo sets. Such as the one below I had made with Alana Paolucci during her...

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  • Linked Up :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on September 08 2017

    Earlier this week I got to catch up with my friend Monica Alvarez during her stay in L.A. If you have been following my work then you know she and...

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  • Portraitures :: Charlotte McKee

    Posted on August 30 2017

    Learning to make variety of photos with different feelings in a limiting setting can sometimes be a bit challenging. But a challenge I enjoy taking on. While out in N.Y....

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  • Flying High :: Oahu

    Posted on August 29 2017

    It is easy to get caught up in the fast pace of this thing called life. So much so that I completely forgot about this aerial set I shot while...

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